South Social is a full service digital marketing and software development agency based on the Gold Coast, Australia.
We are a team of super passionate digital creatives who thrive on disruptive marketing and innovation.

Digital Marketing

We deliver hyper engaging campaigns that resonate and drive action.

content creation

We help you to create thumb-stopping creative that cuts through the noise of every newsfeed.

research & insight

We help our clients to create actionable insights on how their customers think, feel, and behave.

web development

We offer custom web solutions for all size businesses that convert browsers into buyers.

conversational marketing AI

We create beautiful chatbots for the ultimate customer experience.

Digital Marketing

Every single client is unique, so we begin every campaign by first listening to your business’s individual needs, then leverage our industry insights to create a custom strategy.

Performance marketing unpacked, is buying media based on campaign objectives that improve how the campaign is performing over a duration of time with the greatest return on investment.

Our multi-platform strategies to reaching optimal performance are enhanced greatly by our omni-channel  approach.

As omni-channel marketers, our aim is to establish direct communication to a consumer via multiple channels to then deliver strategic direct messaging.

We specialise in conversational marketing using chatbot technology to profile and nurture audiences to an outcome.

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Content Creation

We help you to create thumb-stopping creative that cuts through the noise of every newsfeed.

Engaging content is the primary lever of every campaign. It is the emotional trigger. The moment of realisation when want turns to need. The reason people will take action.  The glue between your brand and your future customer.

To catch the eye of your future customer in their newsfeed, you need the right content that is going to cut through the noise and instantly resonate with them. We can produce this content for you or help you to identify which of your existing assets are the right ones for maximum engagement.


  • Video editing
  • Sound design
  • Animated titles
  • 3D Rendering and product mockups
  • Interactive clickable video
  • Graphic design
  • 2D animation
  • Augmented Reality Filters

research & insights

Understanding the persona of your potential customer allows you to not only refine your offering but also to deliver hyper focused marketing campaigns.

We specialise in custom engagement profiling via our range of in-house conversational tools.

Profiling conversationally allows us the option to subtly obtain behaviours and personal preference without the user being aware they are offering those insights. This is particularly useful when many people are resistant to platforms doing this without their consent.

For brands this can mean running advanced persona testing before marketing begins and then creating custom assets with the confidence that they will connect.

All our builds are custom and include:

  • Interactive Surveys
  • Interactive Video Surveys
  • Conversational Quizzes
  • Messenger or Instagram Gamification
We’re ready to chat about what insights you need!

web development

As integration specialists, we focus on creating easily scalable solutions that are current, robust, and easy to manage.

Beautiful web design is about process and transparency. Each project is unique and bringing your vision to a functioning reality requires thoughtful collaboration, unlimited revisions, and realistic timeframes.

We always work with your budget in mind as we strive to create a platform that provides flexibility to evolve as your business does.

We take a mobile-first approach to design to ensure your website converts perfectly no matter the size of the screen and engage rigorous quality assurance testing before your site will “Go-Live”.

Our in-house team has been developing for more than 15 years and have the experience and confidence to deliver on any scale of job.

South Social will work to align a number of considerations such as:

  • Design and the user experience (UX)
  • Content & content management systems (CMS)
  • Payment platforms
  • Marketing campaigns and automation
  • E-Commerce
  • Data importation
  • Server load times
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Conversational Marketing AI

Our Integrated Conversational Marketing Bots (ICMBs) are all custom built by our in-house development team.

Specialising in custom API integrations, our passion is to provide our clients with innovative solutions. If we haven’t already built the integration your business requires, our nerds will not sleep until it is built.

Our chatbots improve customer acquisition with highly-targeted, personalised customer experiences.

Leads who get their questions answered on demand are twice as likely to convert into a paying customer.

Capable of handling thousands of customer interactions simultaneously without human error, by 2022, it is estimated that chatbots will save businesses more than $8 billion per year. 

How do you plan to integrate AI in your business?