Case Study

Wisebuy Home Loans From new logo to beast of a website

We were invited to completely rebrand and then create a new website for one of Australia’s premium and award-winning mortgage brokers who felt that their current branding didn’t reflect the confident team of young professionals at the company.

Our roles

Logo design, branding, web design and web development.

The brief

Create branding that accurately represents the people within the business. Young, confident approachable, trustworthy and professional.

The challenges

  • Finding an original space in a dense market of many logos
  • The client gave us a solid written brief but no visual examples
  • A client keen to just let us go for it – which is a challenge and a blessing

The result

  • Very happy client with the perfect branding for their company.
  • A beautifully designed website with a user friend UX.
  • High-quality digital and physical deliverables.

How we did it

The Wisebuy founders supplied a written brief via email which we followed up with a Zoom meeting to clarify a few minor points before launching into round 1.

1: Round 1

We presented six initial options to the team, each one varying in style. While our goal is always to crack the code with the winning design, we also want to ensure all avenues have been considered. Our client was drawn to two of the provided designs and we were ready to progress.

2: Round 2

Taking our two leading options forward, we created a new range of similar logos based on the key elements of the two designs favoured by our client from round 1. This process, included a simple Zoom meeting with our client and helped us narrow down these options to a design from round 1 featuring a house in place of the letter U.

3: Round 3

With our winning concept uncovered, it was time to explore colours, so we presented a range of colour variations in an easy-to-compare document. There was a clear standout that both the client and our staff were drawn to. We now had a winner.

4: Next Steps

We began work immediately on the website design so the development team could begin their new build. We presented 3 unique home page designs searching for the perfect blend of aesthetic and functionality. Taking our winning home page we created pixel-perfect designs for every aspect of the website. Once everything was approved and our client was happy, our development team then began building the website.

Takeaways & Learnings

Even though we had the winner in round 1 and internally thought so, we made a big effort, even when asked directly, to keep some neutrality to avoid influencing the client.  The journey of committing to something representing your brand is personal and emotional.  Every person makes decisions of this magnitude differently, and our goal to to help them arrive at their decision knowing without doubt.

Services engaged

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Graphic
  • Website UX Design
  • Web development